CV Joints, Boots, Axles, and U-Joints

Complete inspection and service replacement of the constant velocity (CV) joints, axles and drive shaft/half-shafts, CV boots, clamps, and universal joints.

Importance of Service:
It’s vital to maintain the vehicles drive shafts to provide motion and safety of your vehicle. Service includes an inspection of the CV Joint and boot components and replacement if necessary. Catching a problem before these components fail is the key to safety and drive shaft reliability.

What May Happen if The Service is Not Performed:
If these components have failed or are in need of replacement you may experience drive shaft failure. Also any grease leaking from the CV boots can leak onto the brakes causing a braking safety issue. Symptoms of a problem include:

  • squeaks at low speeds,
  • vibration at highway speeds,
  • clunking on turning and when shifting into gear or from park to drive.

Severe failure can result in catastrophic drive shaft failure resulting in a complete vehicle breakdown.