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Big is Not Better

Since 1975, we have known and have never forgotten that we have to be both better and different to compete. While larger chains focused on the immediate transaction, we set our sights on the long-term and developed significant relationships with our customers.

We recognize there is a logical size for every business. If you are too big, you may forget where you came from. If you are too small, you may not have the ability to get things done. Right sized companies are more nimble, innovative, responsive, and less resistant to change. It is the difference between a dinosaur and a stallion.

We believe this concept is essential to a service business like ours. At Merlin we are able to support the needs of our customers and franchisees, because we’re the right size to respond.

We are the right size, and yet we are growing at the right pace – a measured growth that allows us to remain customer-focused. Something that most of our larger competitors, it seems, lost the ability to do years ago. While they may fix cars as well as we do, they just can’t compete when it comes to serving customers.

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Vehicle Longevity and THE 200,000 Mile Proposition

Most of us in the auto repair business know that the vast majority of cars, vans, and light truck are designed to last much longer than the traditional 100,000 mile mark. Just look at the seven digit odometers that have been standard since the early 1980’s. Cars are made to last much longer, but finance companies, car manufacturers, and the media act as if it should be best kept a secret.

Our mission is to inform the motoring public that their vehicle can last longer and to help them GO FARTHER. We want our customers to have a better lifestyle and spend their money on more important things, rather than an endless cycle of car payments.


Our shops help motorists enjoy the full life of their vehicle and avoid taking on another round of car payments before it is time. Merlin shops provide all the maintenance and repair services necessary for the average vehicle to go farther. Plus, Merlin shops have the unique DRIVE FOR 200,000, an easy to follow and understand maintenance program that’s much more affordable than any dealer program.

We focus on long term “regular repeater” customer relationships and succeed because we truly care and offer the right combination of products and services. No other undercar service chain has anything like THE DRIVE FOR 200,000. It’s one reason our customer’s come back to us again and again.

The Warranty Difference - We Put It All On The Line

Our consumer warranties are wrapped around the 200,000 mile marketing proposition. Nobody else has the confidence to safeguard the customer with 200,000 Mile Warranty protection on such products as brakes, mufflers, and tires. We believe customers deserve more.


We stand alone in the automotive aftermarket. No one else has anything as encompassing or economical. THE DRIVE FOR 200,000 is Merlin’s comprehensive program of regular inspections, scheduled maintenance, and preemptive replacement that facilitates longer vehicle life. Unlike high ticket scheduled maintenance programs offered by many car dealers and some competitors, THE DRIVE is specifically designed to help customers achieve high mileage goals and get dependable vehicle use while saving substantial amounts of money in both the short and long term.

Going Farther

Our customers REPRESENT a wide spectrum of the motoring public and are SMART about where they spend their hard earned money. Instead of jumping into another round of car payments, they realize that by keeping their cars longer they will have money for more important things. They are members of the fastest growing segment of drivers.

The average age of vehicles on the road in the United States exceeds 11 years. Merlin shops are positioned and ready to service these vehicles. Currently our shops service mix is comprised of approximately 40% of vehicles that are at least 10 years old with an average of 106,000 miles on them, and almost 20% of the vehicles we service have more than 150,000 miles.

Working Together As A Team

Merlin franchisees and employees have a deep passion for being the best and a strong appreciation for what it means to be a professional. Merlin is so serious that that you and your team can achieve and sustain success in your business that we provide the following:

  • The Merlin Training Center – A stand-alone state of the art center that offers both technical and management classes all year long free of charge to you and your employees.
  • Six-Week Management Training – An intense study of essential management and technical facets of Merlin shop operations that you will complete before you take possession of your shop.
  • Grand Opening Marketing Plan – A specialized marketing plan implemented especially for your shop opening to create public awareness and to establish a customer base to generate retail traffic.
  • Field Support – A team of dedicated professionals to counsel and support you with operational, management, and marketing issues.
  • Quality Inspections – Conducted by an independent third party, three times per year to measure critical primary marketing and operational components of your business.
  • Marketing Support – Chain-wide brand awareness and promotional marketing campaigns planned and executed, as well as, customized local call to action marketing assistance managed by a team of committed experts.
  • – A custom-built website which showcases Merlin news, programs, franchise information, and shop location features which include:

    • Individual landing pages for each shop that can be customized with your coupons, photos, reviews, and business related news or stories.
    • Online appointment system.
    • A locator and Google map system for every shop.

  • Support Programs – A variety of programs that help you with your business including but not limited to the following:

    • Moving Image Van
    • Excellence Dividend Rebate
    • Vendor Rebates and Incentives
    • Point of Sale Signage
    • Forms and Warranties
    • 200,000 Mile Champion Customer Program
    • DRIVE FOR 200,000 ALLIANCE Customer Reward Program

If you have passion, dedication, and follow through; you too can be part of the Merlin team.