Air Conditioning Service and Recharge

Complete inspection and testing and replacement of your air conditioning system and components. Components include:

  • A/C compressors
  • dryers
  • accumulators
  • condensers
  • lines and hoses
  • relays and modules
  • orifice tubes
  • thermal expansion valves
  • switches and sensors
  • compressor belts
  • fans

The service includes an evacuation and recharge of the refrigerant. The shop may also perform a system leak test using halogen leak detectors, dye and uv-light testing and nitrogen testing.

Importance of Service:
Your air conditioning system removes the heat and moisture from the passenger cabin and makes the cabin of the vehicle comfortable.

What May Happen if The Service is Not Performed:
If your air conditioning system is not recharged the heat from the vehicle cabin will not being removed and uncomfortable temperatures could occur. Also if moisture in not being removed, it could cause the defroster to not work properly and fog your windows.