Complete inspection and replacement of all brake system components including:

  • Brake Pads and Shoes
  • Brake Hardware
  • Rotors and/or Drums
  • Calipers and Wheel Cylinders
  • Hardware and Cables
  • Brake Fluid Flush
  • Maintenance Cleaning and Lubrication

    The service may also require the replacement of the following:

  • Master Cylinder
  • Brake Lines and Hoses
  • Parking Brake Shoes

Importance of Service:
Your braking systems is the most important safety feature on your vehicle. Proper regular inspection is crucial to making sure that your vehicle’s brake system components are not only working but working at their full capability and function. Replacement of damaged, worn, or old parts that do not meet the vehicle standards is critical to obtaining optimum brake performance.

What May Happen if The Service is Not Performed:
If your braking system is not working properly, you can experience increased stopping distance and may need to exert increased effort to the brake pedal which could have a low, spongy, or hard condition, or one that is not operating at all. You will experience an accelerated wear on tires, steering and suspension components, as well as other brake system components.